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Due to staff annual leave we are down one pair of hands until 29th July. Thank you for your patience!


We're very proud of our PBS Selectors for spotting Ocean Vuong's talent back in Summer 2017. Since being awarded the Summer PBS Recommendation, Ocean Vuong's Night Sky With Exit Wounds has gone on to win the Forward Prize for Best First Collection and the T.S. Eliot Prize.

Our Charter members received copies of Night Sky With Exit Wounds hot off the press before the general public and an exclusive early interview in our Summer 2017 Bulletin. Here's a sneak preview: 

'Poetry and language, to me, is the DNA of our personhood. Ultimately for me, writing is a bridge between two people, a bridge made of language. And language belongs to all of us. If I enjoy a poem, that means I am recognizing within it something of myself, something I must already possess. therefore, to love a poem is to love a part of myself revealed to me by another person.'

- Ocean Vuong in the PBS Summer Bulletin

Copies of Night Sky With Exit Wounds are available to order here with 25% discount for PBS Members and the Summer Bulletin is available here.


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