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The Poetry Book Society was founded by T S Eliot and friends in 1953 to share the joy of poetry books. In 2016, supported by Arts Council England, the Poetry Book Society moved to Newcastle (UK) to join Inpress. We're at the heart and soul of the poetry community, introducing new readers to poetry and promoting a diverse range of established and emerging poets worldwide from Ilya Kaminsky to Raymond Antrobus. 


The joy of poetry books

We genuinely love poetry and can't wait to share our latest discoveries with you.  Every quarter our expert poet-selectors, including Jo Clement, Roy McFarlane, Arji Manuelpillai, Nina Mingya Powles and Harry Josephine Giles, read thousands of open submissions from publishers big and small, to find the very best new books to deliver straight to your door. As a member of the Society, you not only discover the exciting world of contemporary poetry but join a lively  community which actively supports poets and publishers. 

A year of poetry discovery

We offer a wide range of memberships to suit your shelf space, starting with our flagship Choice Membership for 4 thoughtfully curated poetry parcels a year, containing our PBS Choice Book and magazine. More dedicated poetry fans, will love our Complete Membership which includes 24 poetry books and 4 magazines a year, containing exclusive interviews with major worldwide poets, reviews and listings. Plus 25% off all books on our extensive online poetry bookshop. New members also receive a welcome pack containing a free £10 book voucher and our latest magazine. Join our global poetry community today and connect with poetry fans worldwide on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.



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