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Get your paws on some of the best cat-themed poetry on international cat day! Felines provide an unusual muse for poets, but they can often be found padding their way through the world of verse. Here are some top picks for you to peruse:


The Book of Cats, ed. by George MacBeth and Martin Booth

Heralded as 'most comprehensive cat anthology published', this amazing book contains not only a phenomenal collection of cat poems, but also cat-themed prose and art.


Quantum Theory for Cats, by Ian Stuart

In this singular collection, Ian Stuart gives voice to both of Schrödinger’s pets (grumpy, and largely conceptual).


Cat Jeoffry, by Christopher Smart

An excerpt from the eighteenth century poet's Jubilate Agno, this pamphlet from two rivers holds Smart's unequivocal love for his cat Jeoffry. A heart-warming piece, Cat Jeoffry is accompanied by the stamp and linocut art of Peter Hay.


The Blue Cat Walks the Earth, by Frank Reeve

The Blue Cat is a courteous, well-read, outspoken, randy anarchist ready again to lay down one of his lives for what he believes. He’s a cross between Top Cat, Puss in Boots, Schrödinger’s Cat and the Cat in the Hat.


All a Cat Can Be, edited by Sharon Larkin and Sheila Macintyre

This lovely collection of poems and cat photography directly supports New Start Cat Rescue Centre.


The River and the Black Cat, by James Sutherland-Smith

A once-feral black cat is one of the primary motifs of this collection, stalking through sixty-four improvisations which navigate the language that we inhabit and that inhabits us.


Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats, by T S Eliot

Penned by PBS founder T S Eliot, this is perhaps the most famous book of cat poetry, and this list would not be complete without it! This whimsical collection perfect for poetry readers of all ages comes with the illustrations of Edward Gorey.


If you have more cat-themed poetry suggestions, let us know!

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