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The Blue Cat Walks the Earth by Frank Reeve


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The Blue Cat is a courteous, well-read, outspoken, randy anarchist ready again to lay down one of his lives for what he believes. 

He’s a cross between Top Cat, Puss in Boots, Schrödinger’s Catand the Cat in the Hat. He’s a trickster, a prankster, an illusionist and an illusion. And he’s back... 

The Blue Cat Walks the Earth is the third book in which Frank Reeve has let the Blue Cat out of the bag. He’s a couple of years older, but he’s still the actor he was. The only way he can get people to listen is to pretend he’s not saying what he is saying. Of course, he’s telling the truth. But you don't have to believe him. Nine lives out of ten, the truth is unbelievable.

This book comes with a CD of Frank Reeve reading these new poems, accompanied by Don Davis on sax and Joe Deleault on piano.

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