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Join before the 15th May to receive the PBS Summer poetry parcel which will include for Charter members, How to Wash a Heart by Bhanu Kapil, Shine, Darling by Ella Frears, The Atlas of lost Beliefs by Ranjit Hoskote and Tongues of Fire by Sean Hewitt, The Sea Needs No Ornament Caribbean anthology plus the Summer PBS Bulletin. You'll also receive a later mailing of Postcolonial Love Poem by Natalie Diaz, which has sadly been slightly delayed by Covid-19.

Do you love poetry from all around the world? Want to keep up to date with the latest poetry in translation from across a wide range of publishers, as well as stocking your home library with a wide selection of the best poetry in contemporary publication? 

Every quarter our expert Selectors choose six of the very best new poetry books to deliver straight to your door, alongside our Bulletin magazine, full of reviews and exclusive commentary from major poets. All members receive the PBS Choice, considered to be the best new poetry book of the quarter written in the English language, the Translation Choice and the four Recommendations - that's a total of 24 books and 4 copies of the Bulletin each year! Perfect for dedicated poetry fans.

Members also get 25% off all books ordered from our website throughout the year.


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