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Somewhere Something is Burning by Alice Frecknall PRE-ORDER


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Published 10th November 2021. Availible for Pre-Order. 

The great thing about these surreal, dazzling poems is how they follow their own, always unexpected logic and pull the reader along with them as well; beneath the luminous imagery lies a heart that will move and beguile you’ — Andrew McMillan

An examination of solitude and absence, the poems within this collection grapple with the reality and taboo of loneliness pitted against an anxiety of connecting. Exploring human relationships, breakdown in communication, and silence — self-inflicted or otherwise — the poems give voice to the fears and experiences that shape us, and interrogate the ways in which we process and avoid. Frecknall’s leaps of surreality, extreme empathy and vivid imagery make Somewhere Something is Burning a compelling joyride of a read.

‘In Somewhere Something is Burning the world is mutable — in flux. Frecknall masterfully draws us in, then pulls the rug away. Atmospheric and compelling, these poems transform the everyday into something strange, unsettling, thrilling and new’ — Ella Frears

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