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Poems for Pete Davidson by Ella Sadie Guthrie

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Poems for Pete Davidson by Ella Sadie Guthrie reveals an electrifying new voice in poetry, a hypnotic joy ride with all the swagger of Zelda Fitzgerald at her debutant ball. The poems show the thrills and perils of obsessive fandom coupled with a heavily romanticised version of the self, which at one point becomes so heavily romanticised she dreams of herself as Hera Lindsay Bird. “i have gone too far this time”, writes Guthrie, paying ironic tribute to the troubled male muse, by this point, the reader knows Guthrie is the brighter star.


PRAISE for Poems for Pete Davidson:


Ella's poetry is sharp, witty and has a devastatingly accurate eye for the smallest details in life. She navigates the expanses between 'fandom' and reality, weaving a realism where grief, yearning and love wash over one another in shifting tides. This pamphlet is brimming with longing and dissociation, internet searches and IRL interactions, memory and fantasy; begging the question, 'what even is reality anyway?' Ella is an architect of an elaborate world, and the reader is drawn into her imagined life until we forget our foothold in the reality, and are abruptly interrupted by the weight of the circumstances of actuality. With the tears though, so too comes the laughter, as 'you cannot fail to do so when someone has worked this hard at creating joy out of grief'

- Scarlett Ward Bennett, Ache


Ella Sadie Guthrie’s Poems for Pete Davidson explores the realms of love, fame and obsession in a whirlwind of lyric absurdity. From feverish internet searches, to weddings ending in tears, Guthrie guides us through a daydream landscape that is conscious of its own destructive nature.

- Charlotte Shevchenko Knight, Ways of Healing


Ella Sadie is an exciting and bold new voice among British poets. Her work is in equal parts honest and beautiful, hilarious and heartbreaking, and manages to be at once relatable whilst still technically and linguistically skilful. It will be a joy to see what work from Ella the future holds for us.

— Ollie O'Neill, What We Are Given

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