how to extricate yourself by Laura Theis


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"How to Extricate Yourself combines vivid narrative, seriousness and delight in language that moves easily between wry imaginative energy and resonant pathos.

This is a debut collection of admirable wit and invention, and introduces Laura Theis – already a successful fiction writer - as a poet of distinctive new voice." - Jane Draycott, Oxford University

Lauar Theis's debut collection, 'how to extricate yourself', contains poems from Laura's winning entry to Dempsey & Windle's Brian Dempsey Memorial Competition 2020. Many of the poems in this pamphlet come from asking ‘what if…’, escaping into one’s imagination, into the realm of the fantastical. What would it be like to be a writer in residence on the moon? Or to wake up with hair made out of spiders? To move in with a dragon? Or accidentally raise a demon baby? The poems’ speakers and narrative voices try to make sense of their narrowing world and extricate themselves through pretending, self-deception and make-believe; spells and incarnations; disappearing and becoming somebody new.


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