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Looking for the perfect gift for a poetry lover? Look no further!

Treat someone special to a full year of poetry parcels containing the best new books and our poetry magazine.

Simply select your chosen gift membership from the wide range of options and enter your own contact address and details at the checkout. We'll send you a beautiful gift parcel containing a free poetry book and a gift certificate to pass on to the gift recipient personally, so that we don't ruin the surprise! 

The gift certificate will contain all the instructions they'll need to activate their annual membership. Alternatively, if you'd prefer the gift parcel to go straight to the gift recipient, please give us a ring on 0191 230 8100 or email us at pbs@inpressbooks.co.uk.

Do not purchase this product if you are redeeming a gift card. Instead, please purchase the normal membership.

If the recipient is not in the UK, or there are any other special circumstances, please contact us before placing your order at enquiries@poetrybooksociety.co.uk.

Associate members are delivered our quarterly bulletin with poetry reviews, written pieces by poets, and listings of newly published books.

Full members gain the quarterly bulletin and our choice book of the quarter - four poetry books per year!

Students can get the full membership at a discounted price. Please note that we will require an image of the recipient's student ID to be sent to us at enquiries@poetrybooksociety.co.uk, either by you or the recipient.

Translation members receive our recommended translation books instead of the choice book for each quarter - poetry from all over the world!

Charter members gain the choice book and all four recommended books each quarter along with the bulletin - twenty books per year!

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