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Posted on July 16 2021

Here's a sneak preview of our interview with Threa Almontaser in our forthcoming poetry magazine:
"The poetess writes to record, to hold accountability. I write to manifest Yemen in the minds of those who read my work, as a perpetual ghost that haunts the page. I often find myself considering the line by Naomi Shihab Nye, 'Our own ancestry is sifted down to us through small, essential daily tasks.' I attempt to populate that poetic genre of writing about both cultural differences and different cultures when it comes to the Yemeni experience. Nye’s poetry lends a fresh perspective to ordinary events, people, and objects. The local life is something I mirror in my own writing and the familial characters therein, aiming to display stories that I feel have been underrepresented in modern literature. I proudly claim my heritage by making visible the fact I’m a Yemeni writer because I’ve never found contemporary work written by my people, especially of this generation. It makes me sad to know a culture so rich and ancient is hidden in this way."

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