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We're so excited to launch our Winter PBS Podcast in collaboration with Arji's Poetry Pickle Jar featuring Kwame Dawes. Often called "the busiest man in literature", Kwame Dawes is on a UK tour to launch Sturge Town (Peepal Tree Press) which is our Winter Choice. Members can look forward to receiving their copy of Sturge Town in the PBS Winter book box. 
Kwame is the author of twenty books of poetry and numerous other books of fiction, criticism, and essays. He is Glenna Luschei Editor of Prairie Schooner and teaches at the University of Nebraska and the Pacific MFA Program. He is Director of the African Poetry Book Fund and Artistic Director of the Calabash International Literary Festival. 
Check out this exclusive podcast interview between PBS Selector Arji Manuelpillai and Kwame Dawes here.
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