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Posted on July 30 2020

Happy book birthday to Kate Miller's The Long Beds - one of our PBS Autumn Recommendations. The Long Beds explores the cell-like containment of the small hours when the body has no estate but its bed, while - waking or dreaming - the mind sets out on its travels, often in the realms of an old life, cherished items or relinquished connections. Central to the poems' imagery is the presence of a bedstead that has survived a bombing raid, protecting only what was bundled underneath it. In painterly language Kate Miller also trains her eye and ear outwards on grand, impersonal scenes: London at dawn, riverbanks and docks, the corridors of a great hospital: to uncover fogged experience and restore colour to memory. Her poems prod us awake at first light and release us into the morning.
PBS Members can read an exclusive interview with Kate Miller on the inspirations behind her new collection in our Autumn Bulletin and order copies of her PBS Autumn Recommendation The Long Beds with 25% off here.

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