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Due to staff annual leave we are down one pair of hands until 29th July. Thank you for your patience!


Copies of our Summer Bulletin magazine and Choice are heading out to members over the next few weeks, so there's no better time to release our Summer podcast. Listen in to PBS Selector Arji Manuelpillai in conversation with Paul Muldoon about our Summer Choice Joy in Service on Rue Tagore. As Arji claims "Paul Muldoon is so big he's off the charts. I don't think there's many awards he hasn't won in his huge career. Today we celebrate his 14th book Joy in Service on Rue Tagore. We chat about all things poetry, about what it's like doing poems for that long, about his practice, his muse, the work and the joys of fact checkers." Members can also log into our website Members Area for expert reading notes to help you access the collection more fully.
Listen to the PBS Summer Podcast here.
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