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Due to staff annual leave we are down one pair of hands until 29th July. Thank you for your patience!


The Spring Bulletin has gone to press and we're delighted to reveal that our next cover artist will be PBS member Laboni Islam.

Our members' poetry magazine, the PBS Bulletin, was recently redesigned in a contemporary and collectable new-look - described as a "thing of beauty" by PBS Member Sarah H. Each year we've explored a themed cover art series, starting with our painterly New Horizons sequence to the bold modern photography of last year. This season we're exploring the overlap of art and poetry by showcasing the work of PBS Members and poet-artists, starting with the poet Angela T. Carr whose abstract mindful painting featured on the cover of our Winter Bulletin.The Spring Bulletin will feature this striking screen print by PBS Member, poet and artist, Laboni Islam.

Laboni Islam was born in Canada to Bangladeshi parents. She has been a transatlantic PBS Member since our chance meeting at the PBS bookstall at Ledbury Poetry Festival in 2018 - true testament to the power of poetry to connect people across the globe! Laboni's own poem “Lunar Landing, 1966” was shortlisted for the CBC Poetry Prize (2017). She teaches at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Aga Khan Museum, animating the gap between art and audiences. A bird lover, she keeps found feathers. This screen print is based on four feathers drawn from the collection. We can't wait to share her beautiful design with PBS members in your Spring poetry parcel in March. 

If you're a PBS member with a hidden artistic or a poetic talent - we'd love to hear from you and would be very happy to consider your artwork for a future cover in this series. We're really excited to be celebrating and showcasing our multi-talented members in this way. You may even end up featured on our new Meet the Members page too.

Join the PBS today to receive your copy of the Bulletin in your Spring poetry parcel. 

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