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For International Women's Day we're celebrating the latest Spring releases by leading and emerging female poets. Ranging from the writings of renowned Suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst to debut poet Holly Pester, each directly or indirectly, explores the diverse experiences of being a woman in their own way. PBS Members can order copies via the links below with 25% off.

Shunting between the political and personal, Comic Timing tackles feminisms, reproductive rights and abortion, in a wry and innovative voice. Holly Pester's extraordinary debut chronicles the experience of living and working as a radical and resistant act.

In 1920 Sylvia Pankhurst was sentenced to six months in Holloway prison where she wrote the poems that became Writ on Cold Slate. Inspired by her Suffragette activism, campaigning for votes for women, above all, this is a book about the working-class women Pankhurst met in prison, the homeless and hungry mothers and babies born in captivity.

‘One is not born a woman’, Simone de Beauvoir observed, ‘one becomes one’. Whatever the certainties of those enforcing it or of those of us willingly or unwillingly defined by it, the category ‘woman’ has always been uncertain. In Poems of An Uncertain Woman, trans poet Lesley Storm examines what it means to have an urgent calling to womanhood and face a lifetime of violent exclusion.

Wendy Pratt's When I Think of My Body as a Horse is about trauma, recovery and the powerful, animal instincts embedded in the act of creating a family. These poems explore motherhood and body identity within the context of baby loss, when there is no positive closure to the narrative.

Fleur Adcock began writing the poems in The Mermaid's Purse when she was 82 - testament to her longevity as a leading female poet. The Mermaid's Purse travels between her native New Zealand, with its multi-coloured seas, and Britain, across various decades. 

Aoife Lyall’s debut collection Mother, Nature explores the tragic and tender experiences of pregnancy and early motherhood, from ante-natal complications and miscarriage to the overwhelming joy of healthy delivery. 

In this stunning anthology Empty Nest former Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy selects 99 poems by a range of poets who explore the powerful and unique bond between parent and child and celebrate families of all kinds. An ideal gift for Mother's Day!

Kate Fox's new collection The Oscillations explores isolation in the age of the pandemic, refracted through the lenses of neurodiversity and trauma in dazzling and open-hearted self-discoveries.

Inhale/Exile is the debut poetry collection by Abeer Ameer. Inspired by the many stories she heard visiting family in Iraq, Ameer celebrates the resilience of her extended family in Baghdad and explores life growing up as a young women of Iraqi heritage in Wales.

Khairani Barokka's second poetry collection Ultimatum Orangutan is an intricate exploration of colonialism and environmental injustice, in which the body—particularly the disabled female body—becomes a central ecosystem in its own right.

What Happens to Girls by Jennifer Copley is a darkly playful exploration of violence, family and girlhood. These beguiling poems form her most daring and vibrant collection yet.

Anna Selby’s Field Notes take us beneath the waves, with poems written on waterproof notebooks in the Atlantic Ocean, whilst observing marine environments. Beautifully published by Hazel Press,
 an independent publisher with a focus on climate change and feminism.

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