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Due to staff annual leave we are down one pair of hands until 29th July. Thank you for your patience!


We've got that #Fridayfeeling again! We're offering a FREE signed copy of Hoard by Fleur Adcock, our PBS Winter Special Commendation to the first new member to join the PBS today. Simply buy any membership on our website and enter the code FLEUR at the checkout to win the Friday freebie. Hoard brings together poems from several years including wry and witty autobiographical glimpses from earlier life in New Zealand, alongside poems about wildlife, trees and the Jarrow March of 1936. Here's a taster of the rich treasures that await you in Hoard:

Flat Warming Party, 1958

It's usual to have guests from both sexes;
but so far I don't know any women -
apart from my professor's wife, of course,
and I don't think it's her kind of party.

Therefore I have invited seven men,
including my self-proclaimed 'fiancé'
(not my title for him) who by the end,
with any luck, won't be speaking to me.

From Hoard by Fleur Adcock, published by Bloodaxe Books.


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