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Our Autumn recommendation, Nidhi Zak/Aria Eipe's spellbinding debut poetry collection explores love and its wounds. The first half is composed of five sections, corresponding to the five arrows of Kama, the Hindu God of Love, Desire and Memory. From 'stunning' and 'paralysing' to 'killing' and 'destroying', each arrow has its own effect on a very real, contemporary body. The second half follows a long narrative poem 'A is for العرب [Arabs]' about a family of refugees who have fled to the West from conflict in an unspecified Middle Eastern country. With an extraordinary structure, yoking abecedarian and Fibonacci sequences, it is a skilful and intimate account of migration and exile, of home and belonging. Auguries of a Minor God heralds the arrival of a virtuosic, incantatory and compassionate new voice.
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