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Posted on May 30 2019

Happy Translation Thursday to all our translation fans!

To continue our journey across the world through poetry, today we want to put the spotlight on poets from Finland and cross-cultural exchange. Here are our three recommendations for you to read this week.

#1 A Landscape Blossoms Within Me by Nobel Prize nominee Eeva Kilpi (ARC Publications, 2014, bilingual English/Finnish edition), translated by Donald Adamson. The poems in this book, the author’s first full-length collection in English, encompass everything from bawdy humour to compassionate irony, and from haunting expressions of love and loss to an obvious passion for nature.

#2 Six Finnish Poets (ARC Publications, 2013, bilingual English/Finnish edition), edited by Teemu Manninen, featuring the work of six of Finland’s most exciting living poets Vesa Haapala, Janne Nummela, Matilda Södergran, Henriikka Tavi, Juhana Vähänen and Katariina Vuorinen. The poems included mix narrative, cinematic and experimental devices, ranging from science fiction to punk to whimsical subject matters. They are translated by Lola Rogers, Fleur & Emily Jeremiah and Helen R. Boultrum.

#3 Kolme | Tre. Three Poets from Finland, featuring poems written in English by Carita Nyström, Marko Hautala, and Ralf Andtbacka (the Poetry Business, smith|doorstop, 2018). This short, evocative anthology of Finnish voices celebrates cross-cultural dialogue and poetry as an international language.


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