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Poet Recommendations Retrospective: Winter 2016 and Spring 2017

If you're looking for some recommended reading, over our last few issues poets have provided us with some suggestions of their own. A selection of these are up on our website now, for you to peruse and order!

Starting our selection of recommendations provided by our selected poets for our readers, we have several poets featured in the PBS Winter '16 and Spring 17 Bulletins. Simply click on their titles to take you to our store pages where you can find out more about these books and purchase them if they pique your interest!

James Sheard

James Sheard, our Spring Choice poet, recommended Hallelujah for 50ft Women, a collection edited by Raving Beauties, and Ian Duhig's The Blind Roadmaker.

George Szirtes

Ian Seed's Identity Papers and Marilyn Hacker's A Stranger's Mirror featured in Winter Choice poet George Szirtes' recommendations.

Jane Draycott

Jane recommended Self Portrait with a Swarm of Bees by Jan wagner and Harry Man's Finders Keepers (along with the website


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