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Happy international women’s day to all our readers.

To celebrate all women and diversity, we are highlighting today four feminist poetry books by Tilted Axis Press, building up their remarkable project Translating Feminisms. This consists in the translation and publication of a set of chapbooks from across Asia.

Tilted Axis’ aim is to promote Asian female poets and emerging translators and to showcase their work while raising challenging questions on feminism and feminism in translation. Stereotypes on women, women’s writing and feminism itself are deconstructed through translation, collaboration and reflection.

Part of the set are:

Moon Fevers by Vietnamese writer Nhã Thuyên (translated by Kaitlin Rees). This poetry collection includes an essay on the female body.

Night by Nepali poet and activist Sulochana Manandhar (translated by Muna Gurung).

Desires Become Demons, edited by Meena Kandasamy. This is a collection of poems by Tamil poets Malathi Maithri, Salma, Kutti Revathi and Sukirtharani, translated by the editor and Lakshmi Holmstrom.

Against Healing, featuring nine Korean poets, edited and translated by Emily Jungmin Yoon.  

If you would like to keep up to date with the latest poetry in translation and bilingual editions from around the world, why not consider becoming a Poetry Book Society translation member? Every quarter our expert poet selector George Szirtes chooses his favourite new poetry in translation book to deliver to our members alongside a full commentary in our Bulletin


Photo credit: Tilted Axis Press

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