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We wanted a land where we could watch the weather -
see how one hill drew down the drapes of rain, and how another
would flash its skin in a fall of sunlight.

(from 'Landings' in The Abandoned Settlements)


We're providing a special offer of 30% off selected Summer and Spring titles for 2017, for you to enjoy in the August sun - or rain!

Sale Titles:

  • Our Summer Choice, Sinéad Morrisey's On Balance, was shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection 2017. Teetering on the brink of various crises, Sinéad Morrissey’s poems consider spectacular feats of human engineering – ships, planes, robots – from our radically unstable perspective, struggling for poise. Poems become pliable; the dead speak.
  • James Sheard's The Abandoned Settlements is his third book, and our Spring Choice. Sheard writes powerfully about loss, about how the vestiges of significance, of sensual heat, are retained by structures – in ghost towns, war-zones, deserted villages or resorts – but also by the human body and memory: ‘for love exists, and then is ruined, and then persists.’
  • Seasonal Disturbances by Karen McCarthy Woolf. Set against a backdrop of ecological, political and emotional turbulence, Seasonal Disturbances is a charged yet meditative exploration of the relationship between nature, the city and the self in the 21st century.
  • Silent in Finisterre by Jane Griffiths. The houses and landscapes of childhood exert a strong presence in Silent in Finisterre. Recalled by name, in incantation, or described in ways that recapture their irreducible reality to a child for whom they are the totality of the world, they become a kind of memory theatre
  • Recommended Translation Yang Lian's Narrative PoemBefore and since his enforced exile from 1989, Yang Lian has been one of the most innovative and influential poets in China. Widely hailed in America and Europe as a highly individual voice in world literature, he has been translated into many languages.
  • The Unaccompanied by Simon Armitage. The pieces in this multi-textured and moving volume are set against a backdrop of economic recession and social division, where mass media, the mass market and globalisation have made alienation a commonplace experience and where the solitary imagination drifts and conjures.
  • Falling Ill by C. K. Williams. Written with unsparing lyricism and relentless discursive logic, these brave poems face unflinchingly ‘the dreadful edge of a precipice’ where a futureless future stares back at them. 
Use the discount code SUMMERSALE at the checkout to claim 30% off on these titles. Available until Midnight on the 31 August!
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