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“Whit maan it mean,
tae only ken thee body whan hid’s wi anither?
An deus hid ivver mean onytheen ither as grief?

What must it mean,
to only know your body when it’s with another? And does it ever mean
anything other than grief?”

💫Happy book birthday to Deep Wheel Orcadia by Harry Josephine Giles, our winter recommendation published today by Picador Books. Deep Wheel Orcadia is a magical first - a truly groundbreaking venture into entirely new poetic space. A science fiction verse novel written with sheer musicality and compelling originality in the Orkney dialect.

🪐Astrid is returning home from art school on Mars. Darling is searching for somewhere to hide. They meet on Deep Wheel Orcadia, a distant space station struggling for survival.

🔭This is intergalactic poetry of such vivid lyricism and beauty but also a deeply readable tale of place and belonging, gender politics and love from one of Scotland’s most talented new poets. Deep Wheel Orcadia is out of this world, truly transporting, cosmic poetry!
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