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Our Winter 2017 Pamphlet Choice: Guppy Primer

Posted on September 19 2017

Our Pamphlet Choice for our upcoming Winter 2017 Issue is Guppy Primer by Ruth McIlroy

after a dream
in which I was getting caught out leaving something innocuous
                                                                                     in a strange woman’s house
I woke up with a German accent
and it had snown.



Ruth McIlroy, a winner of the Poetry Business International Book and Pamphlet Competition 2016/17, has been selected for our upcoming issue with Guppy Primer!

'Guppy Primer’s distinctive humour triumphantly demonstrates the fallacy of the notion of a “competition winning collection” with its daring and originality. By turning her poems' themes and motifs through fresh new language, narratives and scenarios, Ruth McIlroy proves that originality - not formula - mean that we can expect to see her name on more prize lists in the future.' - Ian Duhig

You will be able to read more about Guppy Primer in the upcoming bulletin, and you can order this pamphlet here through our online store.

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