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Your Turn To Speak by Lady Red Ego

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Your Turn to Speak! gathers classical lovers into a room and encourages them to speak one by one. Zeus, Hera, Patroclus, Achilles, Aphrodite and Medea take to the stage and forge their dramatic monologues, while Sappho broods and whispers fragmented asides from the front row of the stalls. Together, they dissect the DNA of the love poem, in all its tragedy and comedy. Ultimately, we readers may begin to hear our own voices speak through the actors. Their masks reveal themselves as mirrors.


“With this brilliantly disquieting book, the stage is set for a writing spectacle so subversive and outré that every word uttered threatens / promises to bring down the house! Your Turn to Speak! by Lady Red Ego arrives right on cue “at great personal cost, to deliver this message” and in so doing thrillingly dismantles and disarms patriarchal violences as they echo around the theatron of poetry from Ancient Greece to now. I don’t know of anyone writing poetry as daringly gladiatorial and discombobulating as this. Listen up.” Colin Herd


“This playful collection contains a symphony of voices, and all have different stories to tell. Lady Red Ego daringly extends poetic form by giving her work the appearance of a play and filling it with wit. Given how exciting it is to read on the page, I’d love to see it on stage!” Xie Jinhao

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