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Velocities and Drifts of Wind by Geoffrey Winch


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'Velocities and Drifts of Wind' is Geoffrey Winch’s most ambitious collection to date. Drawing inspiration from Keats’ Sleep and Poetry, the poems follow the winds of change through landscape, art and history to offer a quiet wisdom on the nature of things grounded in close, physical observation. Whether dealing with pebbled beaches, the rumbling sounds of a slow train or contemplating imaginative portraiture, the poems give the reader much to savour and enjoy. 
 Barry Smith (Director, South Downs Poetry Festival)
Via the time machine of poetry this poet visits scenes and personalities from the past.  The poems are alert, sprightly, vivid. A vintage glass perfume bottle evokes a previous owner.  Landscapes, paintings, family memories are studied: the poems have a supple and intent reach, the poet’s eye is clear and far-seeing.  A lovely collection.
 Penelope Shuttle

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