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Untravelling by Mary Frances


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anything is possible nothing is clear there are many miles to go and no map to follow

departure - the ghost lands - the burning - mirror - the fading

through five sequences of miniature landscapes found in stone, metal, wood and tarpaulin, each paired with a cut-up poem created from viewers’ responses to the images, mary frances invites us to find our way though a mysterious dark and dreamlike world, both beautiful and unsettling

the air has the feel and smell of dawn a distant shiver of lost magic

we are on unknown land anything is something to aim for we sharpen our eyes


details of walls — usually barriers to vision and motion — are alchemised into dreamtime worlds alien and distantly familiar: each one a blakean diorama that both embraces and transcends the everyday. the interplay of words and pictures generates a fractal, visionary potency that, with a tenderness and a quiet drama, beckons us toward the horizons of imagination. — david foster

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