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Uninvited Guests by Gill Lambert


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The ‘Uninvited Guests’, within this pamphlet are those which present themselves as muses to the poet, unbidden: a sentence overheard, a programme on the television, the name of an ex. They are emotions, or the occasional ghost, real or imagined. They can be as welcome as the kiss of a lover or as unwanted as thoughts which cram into a wakeful head in the early hours.

‘Gill Lambert’s elegant yet comfortable, chatty tone is laden with hidden barbs, charting sudden jolts of feeling and whirlpools of memory within the common-place.’ Bob Beagrie 

‘In a voice at once confident and reflective, Lambert shows the intimacy of human encounters with the living and the departed, visiting a meticulously peopled past and present with compassion and humour.’ Hannah Stone 

‘Gill Lambert’s poems are rich in the nuances and implications of life’s small details. Uninvited Guests quietly demonstrates the variety of things that make – and sometimes break – our lives.’ Oz Hardwick

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