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Slate Petals (and Other Wordscapes) by Anthony Etherin


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Through a series of forms both old and new, Anthony Etherin    explores the range of poetic formalism, from its simplest structures to its most complex — thereby following the path from lucid,     lyrical scenes that learn to breathe despite their binds, to geometric ideals that tease the breaking point of meaning.

“The world needs Anthony Etherin, whose fascination with language — particularly anagrams, palindromes and sonnets — has inspired him to create poems like none that have been seen before. Sometimes bizarre, occasionally obscure, they can also be strangely beautiful. And they’re always fascinating. I’m a great admirer of his work.” — Anthony Horowitz


“Anthony Etherin does it again! He continues to render all my own virtuoso ventures obsolete. I truly covet this book even more than its prequel.” — Christian Bök

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