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Reflection Mapping by Ollie Tong


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In Reflection Mapping Ollie Tong reshapes and plays with his own and other writers' work. Poems are distorted using a variety of processes and presented in the manner of before & after photographs. Elsewhere pieces of music and art are translated into writing. Original and recycled, conceptual and not, both against and for expression, 'the cresting / doggerel / of assholes'. "This is not the anxiety but the pleasure of influence", as Donald Barthelme said.


"If ‘The average state is expected hunger’, these poems of Ollie Tong’s serve up their own viaticums for the reader in search of non-standard fare. Wounds, erasures, wings, and mirrors people these pages, ‘refusing to maintain the obvious’ in small gestures of beguiling and impotent principle. ‘These are dissolving scenes’, Tong writes – dissolving and enduring." - David Wheatley

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