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Prophecy is Easy by Matthew Caley


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Matthew Caley is a poet with six collections to his name, and a reputation as an erudite, witty and original writer, with a penchant for experimental form. His new pamphlet, Prophecy is Easy, continues his adventurous synesthetic dance with language, through time and space: sometimes tango, sometimes foxtrot, sometimes a weird and wonderful Merce Cunningham solo. This perfect set of poems takes its starting point from the work of French Modernist/Surrealist poets, particularly a vintage 1950s collection, edited by Wallace Fowlie. However, the onward trajectory is more roller coaster, as Caley’s flights of language alight on surreal tableaux, displaying the poet as the bed beneath his lover, as an under-surveillance alien in a public garden, as horse-conjuror, as climber of frail, hesitant ladders.  All this against a background of an unprecedented time, in which only the journeys we make in our heads are permissible, and are by default, limitless. It’s an exhilarating, mind expanding ride to Anywhere (twinned with Nowhere)

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