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Please don't trample us; we are trying to grow! by Steph Morris


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"This book takes you on a temporal and psycho-geographical journey through both the urban and rural, shares some childhood lessons in toxic masculinity and its pitfalls, shines a light on small, devastating human cruelties and offers some hot tips on gardening. Carefully positioned in the context of a planet in ecological and political crisis, love persistently comes through: love of the labour in the garden, love of family, love of the natural world. In this poetic universe, voices of nature are as real as the voices of the human ones: trains and roads are as much a part of the landscape as clematis, snail and fern. Whether or not you’ve ever picked up a pair of secateurs or wielded a spade, as you dig into these poems you will be reminded of the interconnectedness of all things and will find yourself rooted in the good earth in all its fertile and dirty glory." -Jacqueline Saphra

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