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Phoenix / Phönix by Antony Owen


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Antony Owen, born and raised in Coventry, is a poet in the tradition of the war poets who take a stand against war based on their own wartime experiences. He continues this tradition by bringing change to it: As a "peace poet" he expands on the war perspective and highlights the countless victims of wars and conflicts – alongside the famous "Unknown Soldiers" the unknown civilians appear and accuse.

Phoenix / Phönix features previously unpublished poems as well as a selection from his latest, critically acclaimed poetry collections, The Nagasaki Elder (V. Press, 2017) and The Unknown Civilian (The Knives Forks & Spoon Press, 2020).

This book was conceived as a project of the twinning partnership between the cities of Coventry and Dresden, it is the result of co-operation between people from both cities. Phoenix / Phönix brings something unique to the partnership’s more than sixty-year history: co-operating on the translations meant continually engaging with, reflecting on, and rethinking a different linguistic view of the world and different cultural tradition

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