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March by Andrew Taylor


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Building on his debut collection Radio Mast Horizon(Shearsman Books, 2013) Andrew Taylor takes the reader on a journey through landscapes and places such as the Welsh hills, the West Coast Mainline and the north docks of Liverpool. 
Travel is a recurring theme throughout these poems, alongside music and the seasons and the shifts they bring. From having coffee in quiet city-centre cafés to travelling around complete rail networks, Taylor invites the reader into a world that is both personal and universal.
From reviews of Radio Mast Horizon:  
Andrew Taylor’s work is an expression of everyday life in all its vivid details. Colour, sound, speed and technology weave through the poems […] Taylor constantly surprises us with his shifts and juxtapositions, all of the world is in these poems.
—Jeremy Hilton, Tears in the Fence
The collection is a joy to read for its joyousness […] Taylor achieves something of happiness for both the writer and the reader.   
—Anthony Caleshu, New Walk
From a review of Air Vault:
I find the balancing of word in relation to word attractively present in the light swift movement of Andrew Taylor’s new poetry. 
—Iain Brinton, Tears in the Fence

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