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Light After Light by Victoria Gatehouse


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In her debut pamphlet, Victoria Gatehouse explores science and art, seeking out the similarities and tensions that attract and repel them in equal measure. A clinical researcher by day, by night she collects, tests, measures and records her thoughts on the materials – both practical and spiritual – from which we each build our lives.

Light, metal, electricity, shells and fabric are each treated with similar scrutiny, linked by a scientific thread, knotted with humour, playful subversion and lyrical wonder.

* * *

"I have long been an admirer of Victoria Gatehouse’s lovely, clear, punchy poems and was excited to read a collection of them. What a treat it was. Whether writing about the forbidden apples she once removed her brace for, testing metals with a lad in the chemistry lab or delighting in the phlebotomist telling her she has ‘lovely veins’, there is a kind of electric charge running beneath the words. More, more, more!" — Carole Bromley

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