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Incidentals by Mary Gilonne


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Incidentals is a collection which draws its inspiration from life’s landmarks. Moments of love, eroticism, playfulness and loss, in all their strengths and frailty.

“English-born Gilonne has long been resident near Aix-en-Provence where she works as a translator. The languages enjoyed here are drawn from three continents and her linguists delight in the layering and provenance of words is embedded in every poem, throughout, there is a feeling of travelling and place. The poet’s cartography is a sensuous one, drawn on flesh, and indeed tattooed through all the senses. These are opulent poems, often gracefully, yet tautly erotic, with painterly visuals and sound-rich imagery. Gilonne has a cleverly undercutting way, particularly with sharp stanza and poem-ending lines, and she slits into her riches intriguingly. The poet writes beautifully of textures, but she is equally adept at conveying muscle. Reader, be wary!”
Beth McDonough, Dundee University Review of the Arts

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