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How to Carry Fire by Christina Thatcher


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'Christina Thatcher writes with the lucent purity of someone who has been cracked open by loss, from the child whose job was ‘house canary’, ever primed and ‘ready for the ransacking’, to the adult survivor who loves ‘like the horse chestnut loves carbon’. By turns visceral and soaringly beautiful, these poems of brokenness, hope and fierce tenderness will find their way under your skin and lodge themselves inside your heart.' — Janet Lees

'In her collection How to Carry Fire, Christina Thatcher gives a searing answer: it is to be scarred, moulded but ultimately transfigured. These are fine poems that transform past trauma, through the alchemy of poetry, into work that is both powerful yet infused with fragility.' — Caroline Smith

'These poems burn with the heat of creative paradox: a past that evokes nostalgia and pain; loved ones who are heroes and victims; a sense of self that is strong and vulnerable. Each poem is a tongue of flame that sears and cleanses. Thatcher's stunning second collection blazes a trail through the agonies and joys of human relationships in a voice that is terse, tense and urgent.' — Robert Walton

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