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Geraldine Clarkson by Crucifox


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Crucifox is more a state of mind than a particular creature or person. The collection circles rebellion, emergence from disappointment and fasting, new beginnings, recreation following destruction; soulwork; inspiration and the act of writing itself. There is a focus on female desire and feral impulses behind polite exteriors; assumed responsibilities and pre-packed creeds; the role of women within close-knit community, the silent and marginalised aspects of women, their masking and unveiling and the stilling of their tongues. There is no shortage either of vermin and sleaze, crime, including murder; along with curlicues, cleaners, clowns, gambling, lotteries, and a lot of luck… 

These poems are intricate poetry masterpieces – breathtakingly beautiful, stomach churningly real. We know you will love this wonderful work!

‘Geraldine Clarkson is—quietly, attentively, humbly—writing some of the best poems of our time.’  – Kathryn Maris 

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