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Dad, Remember You Are Dead by Jacqueline Saphra

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Jacqueline Saphra will follow her critically acclaimed, T. S. Eliot Prize shortlisted All My Mad Mothers (2017) with Dad, Remember You Are Dead, a sister volume to her previous collection, taking on the canon in an examination of fatherhood and daughterhood within a wider context.

 Praise for Dad, Remember You Are Dead:

'The purifying and cathartic fire of anger gives astonishing power to these poems as Saphra evokes her father with mordant wit and well-judged venomous analysis. To gain the distance necessary to write such visceral poems as these takes stamina and poetic intelligence; there is a superb use of form throughout, forging a conduit for emotions so raw, taut and explosive that the book might shatter into fragments without form’s stern control over this primal material.’ – Penelope Shuttle

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