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Bevel by William Letford


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Bevel is William Letford s first book, but his poems have already earned him a large following thanks to his brilliant performances and through Carcanet s New Poetries V anthology. Letford makes poems from the rhythms of speech and the stuff of daily life: work and love, seasons and cities, and his writing is alive with the wonder and comedy of the mundane. Bevel is filled with voices an he says / A love the summer / it s hoat / ye kin wear yer shoarts... and with the knowledge that becomes engrained in the body: The weight of a drill. The texture of rust. Letford works as a roofer, a trade that gives him a particular perspective on life at ground level. Be prepared, he writes: pay attention to the moment, know which way to fall. His poems are sure and strong, the words dance.

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