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Alternate Endings by Erin Bolens


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Alternate Endings is a collection of poems made of worry and hope. With wit and warmth, Erin looks for the beginnings in endings as she confides her stories of living, loving, feeling and fretting.

These are poems with big hearts and wry smiles. They are hugs for the days when it’s all a bit much and energy for the days that you can change the world.

“Erin’s poetry is nourishment for the soul. Being able to sit down with this collection was an absolute joy. Always heartwarming, often heartbreaking, these poems have made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes. I felt like I was glowing the whole way through.” - Harry Baker

“Utterly brilliant: poetry that fizzes in your tummy and stirs your heart. I loved every page.” - Leena Norms

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