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A Language I Understand by Amy Louise Wyatt


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‘A Language I Understand’ seeks to understand the relationships that the poet (and all of us) have with our past, our memories, our loved ones and how we can make sense of this, in our own unique way.

‘A skilled and intuitive poet, Wyatt understands the tactile nature of sensory imagery. In her curation of personal artefacts, she holds each talisman, totem and relic up to the light so the reader can clearly view the significant people, places and memories that have been sewn into the fabric of these poems. Wyatt's miniature worlds pulse with a subtle, affecting power.’  Ross Thompson, Author of ‘Threading the Light’

 ‘In this much awaited debut pamphlet from Wyatt, the reader is gifted a world full of hedonistic delicacies – the smell of tarnished neglect, the sound of horses’ hooves on cobblestones, the sting of lemons and budgie bites. At the end, the reader can say “that is ‘A Language I Understand’”. Gaynor Kane, Author of ‘Venus in Pink Marble’

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