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Sleepless by Julia Deakin


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Ours is a restless age. At one extreme, 24/7 corporate culture and social media addiction leave many unable to literally and metaphorically switch off; at the other, millions are roaming continents in fear of their lives while looking for a safe place to rest. In Sleepless, poet Julia Deakin tirelessly questions how we have come to this exhausting impasse.

Her hard-hitting, wryly humorous and intensely humane collection probes our emotions, digs deep for grains of common sense and plumbs the depths of our conscience to ascertain how truly awake we really are.

‘From the first poem’s quiet lyricism to the final poem’s dazzling thirty sentences, these are witty, sometimes experimental, always musical, sharp-eyed, intelligent poems that ring in this reader’s mind. A fine collection.’ Gillian Clarke

‘Crafted, tender poems, written with passion and purpose.’ Simon Armitage

‘Gripping, compassionate, deeply thoughtful.’ Alison Brackenbury

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