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The Lonesomest Sound by Mike Ferguson


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The method of writing these prose poems accords with a dialectical process: submitting striking words or phrases to search, the selected results provide a basis for a found truth that is moving onwards and onwards, always dividing and regrouping. Associations expand exponentially, revealing ironic humour as Ferguson casts a satirical eye on aspects of our flawed society. The poetry is patterned, evocative and eclectic.

     – Dr Jackie Moore


And, from a poetry point of view, thank Christ for a little collection of writings that first and foremost suggests you might enjoy it, that you go at it with a light heart and if there is a serious thing or two you might take away from it, that relationship between enjoyment and the serious might be what you perhaps most remember, and might take into your future days.

     – Martin Stannard (about Professions)


 Very much enjoying this collection’s take on professions in prose poems. Full of a sense of miracle in the ordinary. Playful and lyrical, affectionate and gently satirical. Quite unique.

     – Ian Seed (about Professions)

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