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Perpetual Skip by Middex


Product Details

Perpetual Skip is the new collection of poems from the electrifying voice of Middex.

In this bookwork, 11 sermons, once soaked in pools of echo are orphaned from the noise – taking on an urgent and compelling archive — (non) prayers stoked by vivid light.

Here, poems are on the move, crossing all zones — sprawling grounds of a strange borough — with broken catholic memories and colour.

In Skinhead on a Raft we follow the arc of a smoked and discarded cigarette and stay with it on the floor. Discarded cigarette, discarded truths. Glue Preference honours the writers in the unlit underground yards.

Stories look outwards; through a scratch-tagged bus window, to the ceiling (and beyond) of a rented flat, and into the canal — rank and receiving. Perpetual Skip is a constant. A beautiful mess with a million stories.

Middex has previously released records through Polytechnic Youth, The Tapeworm, Makina Books and Infant Tree.

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