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**SIGNED** Notes on the Sonnets by Luke Kennard

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We have 6 signed copies of Luke Kennard's Forward Prize winning collection Notes on the Sonnets up for grabs in our PBS Gift Guide! 

Notes on the Sonnets recasts Shakespeare's 154 sonnets as a series of anarchic prose poems set in the same joyless house party. A physicist explains dark matter in the kitchen. A crying man is consoled by a Sigmund Freud action figure. An out-of-hours doctor sells phials of dark red liquid from a briefcase. Someone takes out a guitar. Wry, insolent and self-eviscerating, Notes on the Sonnets riddles the Bard with the anxieties of the modern age, bringing Kennards affectionate critique to subjects as various as love, marriage, God, metaphysics and a sad horse.

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