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B O X by David Spittle


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"David Spittle's B O X is a puzzle and a pleasure, a quizzical and original lyric sequence about remembering, collecting, and making something of a life now. 'If form is never more than an extension of content,' as Robert Creeley famously said, Spittle asks what the dimensions of that extension are, who lives in it, and what kind of view they have from the window. Each box unpacks itself as restlessly as a page of fresh images and phrases you forgot you ever owned. 'These leather bound books? / Nope, haven't read them.' Read this instead, then read it again."

Jeremy Noel-Tod


"These poems are like the unpacking, repacking, and unpacking again of experience, of history, of culture - sometimes in awestruck fascination and other times in frantic despair. Through Spittle's eyes we see the reappraisal of vessels and placeholders; their powers of transformation, as well as their ability to create desire and longing - often with charming humour and wit. They traverse the contents of a wallet, and the cradling void. Spittle's writing is generously direct and is the urgent recording of a searching mind who, on opening one box, cannot help but find another."

Jen Calleja

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