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Everyone's the Smartest by Contra


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School can be hard, fun and strange – sometimes all at once. It’s full of your best friends and all the teachers as well as lots of kids you haven’t met. Every day reveals more stories and challenges… Everyone’s the Smartest is a collection of poems which tell strange new stories in familiar settings. From clever ducks who fly far away while children are stuck in school, to bathroom taps that are just one mistake away from turning the school into a great lake, this collection reminds its readers that there is wonder everywhere.

Packed with extra features, including interviews with the author and illustrator, notes from the translators, fun facts about Estonia, and ideas to help you write your own poems. Translated from the Estonian by Charlotte Geater, Kätlin Kaldmaa, Richard O’Brien.

For reading aloud to children aged 6+; for children aged 8+ to read on their own

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