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Hologram by Miguel Cullen


Product Details

Hologram is the third poetry collection by Buenos Aires-born, London-based poet Miguel Cullen. A genre-bending 'video-book', Hologram is a one-of-a-kind multimedia project that transforms poetry into an immersive experience. The book contains an embedded light-weight video module in its inside cover that plays 4 video-poems collaborations between Cullen and internationally acclaimed videographers such as Ivar Wigan and Agustina Comedi.

Split into two parts – ‘Guest List’ and ‘Stragglers’ – Hologram embodies the theme of those who make the cut and those who don’t. ‘Guest List’ features poems from the perspectives of celebrities, mythological characters and historical figures. Throughout Hologram, Cullen’s poems deal with themes such as sexuality, addiction, mental illness, race, class and celebrity in surreal, subversive and completely original ways. August Kleinzahler describes Cullen’s poetry: “If there’s a musical analogue for this poetry it’s the swoosh and sizzle of wire brushes swept across the frum head or the Chinese cymbal, electrical, reverberant, of the moment and wild. What more can one hope for as a beacon in the cultural scrum we find ourselves.” 

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