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Diversifly : Poetry and Art on Britain's Urban Birds ed. By Nadia Kingsley


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Words from the editor, Nadia Kingsley:

This anthology, of new poetry and art about Britain's urban birds, grew out of the close encounters I have had with birds when visiting central London from my home on the Shropshire-Wales border. I noticed how much closer I could get to blackbirds and other shy birds there. I noticed the number of people with headphones to their ears, and phones in front of their eyes. I thought about the joy I get from watching birds and how at my lowest times their constancy, their flight and their song have enlivened me.

You will see from the contents page that only a sample of birds seen in Britain’s towns and cities are included, and that there are a particularly large number of responses to both pigeons and gulls. I like this. These are the birds the poets and artists who took part in this project responded to. I have chosen work I hope you will enjoy – whether you are an expert or novice in poetry, art, or ornithology.

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