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The Emma Press Anthology of Contemporary Gothic Verse


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The Emma Press Anthology of Contemporary Gothic Verse is haunting, romantic, and full of dark doorways and strange spaces which readers will get thoroughly lost in. It's a hand in a velvet glove, ready to grasp you by the elbow and lead you through an array of ravishing and heart-racing encounters. The latest in a series of vital and successful themed anthologies from the award winning publisher The Emma Press. Publishes in time for Halloween, with tie-in launch events around the country Fully illustrated, in an attractive pocket-sized format, perfect for gift-giving for Halloween and Christmas! Will appeal to a a wide readership outside of traditional poetry readers - those with an interest in ghost stories, as well as horror and fantasy novels Will also appeal to readers of contemporary poetry with magical or occult themes, such as Rebecca Tamás's WITCH Featuring a variety of poems on gothic and dark themes - from ghosts and monsters to contemporary twists on traditional gothic storytelling and magic. This anthology engages deeply and playfully with the rich and unsettling tradition of gothic literature from which these poems emerge, and updates it for a 21st century readership. The featured poets twist traditional stories, set the rule books on fire, and know that to truly surprise and unnerve, you may have to traverse some wild, remote places...

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